• Graduation 2022
     Ashbrook        Bessemer City        Cherryville        Stuart W. Cramer         East Gaston
    Forestview        Gaston Early College        Gaston County Virtual Academy        Highland        
    Hunter Huss     North Gaston      South Point       Warlick Academy     Webb Street

Graduation Pictures

  • See below for a slideshow of pictures from each ceremony.

Graduation Schedule

  • It's time for high school graduation in Gaston County 草榴社区s! The schedule is below.

    • Ashbrook: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium

    • Bessemer City: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • Cherryville: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • Stuart W. Cramer: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium

    • East Gaston: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • Forestview: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • Gaston Early College: Thursday, May 19, 6:00 p.m., Morris Library Lawn at Gaston College
    • Gaston County Virtual Academy: Wednesday, June 1, 9:00 a.m., Gastonia Conference Center

    • Highland: Saturday, June 4, 11:00 a.m., Auditorium
    • Hunter Huss: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • North Gaston: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • South Point: Saturday, June 4, 9:00 a.m., Stadium
    • Warlick Academy: Wednesday, June 1, 2:00 p.m., Gymnasium
    • Webb Street 草榴社区: Wednesday, June 1, 12:00 p.m., Gymnasium

Number of Graduates

  • The Class of 2022 for Gaston County 草榴社区s includes 2,043 seniors.

    • Ashbrook: 247
    • Bessemer City: 82 
    • Cherryville: 110 
    • Stuart W. Cramer: 244
    • East Gaston: 187 
    • Forestview: 227
    • Gaston Early College: 51
    • Gaston Virtual Academy: 54
    • Highland: 131
    • Hunter Huss: 230
    • North Gaston: 239
    • South Point: 217
    • Warlick: 13
    • Webb Street: 11

Ticket Information

  • Each school will communicate with students/families about the number of tickets that will be allotted for each graduate.  Anyone with questions about tickets should contact the school.

    In the event of inclement weather, outdoor ceremonies will be moved inside, and tickets will be limited because of seating capacity.

Safety at Graduation

  • All high schools have a comprehensive safety plan for graduation, and school officials have spent time working with local law enforcement to ensure that graduation is an enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.  To ensure safety, the following procedures will be in place:

    鈻 Each school will have additional security personnel – a police presence will be noticeable on campus.

    鈻 Attendees should arrive early and be prepared to stand in line to enter the ceremony.

    鈻 Metal detectors (walk-through units and hand-held wands) will be used.  Everyone at graduation, including students, parents, relatives, school personnel, and guests, will be subject to metal detection screening.

     鈻 Attendees are discouraged from bringing purses and bags to graduation.  Purses/bags must be screened, which is a process that slows down the entrance line.

     鈻 Traffic congestion is likely near the high schools beginning one hour before the start of graduation.  Attendees should plan accordingly to allow enough time for parking and entering the ceremony.

     鈻 Being vigilant is important.  Anyone who sees or is aware of suspicious activity at graduation should contact a school official or law enforcement immediately.

Special Guests

  • Each graduation ceremony will have its share of speakers and special guests.  Traditionally, each school’s valedictorian and salutatorian shares remarks as does the principal and other student representatives.  Board of Education members are among the guests on hand to congratulate the graduating class.

    Here is a list of the Board of Education members and which graduation ceremony they will attend on June 4: 

    Ashbrook: Jeff Ramsey, Chairman, At-Large Member
    Bessemer City: Brent Moore, Crowders Mountain Township
    Cherryville: Robbie Lovelace, Cherryville Township
    Stuart W. Cramer: Justin Davis, South Point Township
    Forestview: Steve Hall, Dallas Township, and Kevin Collier, Riverbend Township
    Highland: Lee Dedmon, Gastonia Township, Dot Guthrie, Gastonia Township, and Superintendent of 草榴社区s W. Jeffrey Booker 
    Hunter Huss: Dot Cherry, Vice Chairman, At-Large Member
    North Gaston: Lee Dedmon, Gastonia Township
    South Point: Dot Guthrie, Gastonia Township, and Superintendent of 草榴社区s W. Jeffrey Booker 

    All Board members are invited to attend the Gaston Virtual Academy, Warlick Academy, and Webb Street 草榴社区 graduation ceremonies on June 1.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022

PROFILES: Outstanding Seniors

  • Gaston County 草榴社区s takes pride in recognizing Outstanding Seniors in the Class of 2022 (one from each high school). Click the links below for our profiles.

Graduation Coverage

  • Be sure to check out The Gaston Gazette for coverage of graduation in Gaston County 草榴社区s.  Plus, the Belmont Banner-News highlights outstanding seniors from South Point High 草榴社区, East Gaston High 草榴社区, and Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 while the Cherryville Eagle features seniors from Cherryville High 草榴社区.  We would like to thank our local newspapers for the positive attention they bring to the Class of 2022 in Gaston County 草榴社区s.

    In addition to having graduation information on the Gaston County 草榴社区s website, we encourage you to check out our Facebook page and Spectrum Cable Channel 21, the Education Station for Gaston County 草榴社区s, for coverage of the Class of 2022.

VIDEO: Star Teacher-Student Awards

Star Teacher-Student Awards

  • The Star Teacher-Student Awards ceremony for the Class of 2022 was held on Thursday evening, April 28 at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden.  The recognition program was presented by Gaston County 草榴社区s and sponsored by The Gaston Gazette.

    Each high school had the opportunity to choose an outstanding senior in the Class of 2022 as the school’s Star Student.  During the ceremony, the Star Student honored the Star Teacher who had the greatest influence on the student’s educational career.

    The ceremony was recorded, and it will air on Spectrum Cable Channel 21, the Education Station for Gaston County 草榴社区s, at various times this summer. Click here for the Channel 21 schedule.  

    Below are the Star Teacher-Student Awards honorees:

    Ashbrook High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Samantha Young selected by Star Student Elena High

    Bessemer City High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Mary Martin selected by Star Student Luke Hogan

    Cherryville High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Emilie Pope selected by Star Student Jackson Owens

    Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 - Star Teacher Chris Detweiler selected by Star Student Andrea Detweiler

    East Gaston High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Michael Kaufman selected by Star Student Allie Grice

    Forestview High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Lindsay Dickerson Beverly selected by Star Student Evan Friday

    Gaston County Virtual Academy – Star Teacher Donna Griffith selected by Star Student Kortney Hawkins

    Gaston Early College High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Lauren Dixon selected by Star Student Joey Wittmer

    Highland 草榴社区 of Technology – Star Teacher Dan Froehlich selected by Star Student Alyssa Manus

    Hunter Huss High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Carrie Baskett selected by Star Student Allison Kimmel

    North Gaston High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Calvin Arrowood selected by Star Student Libby Shaw

    South Point High 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Karmen Teague selected by Star Student Caroline Beaty

    Webb Street 草榴社区 – Star Teacher Christine Tileston selected by Star Student Isaac Simpson

    Click on the name of the school to read the Star Student’s essay.

    Click here for a PDF of the program.

    Click here for a PDF of the Star Teacher-Star Student page in The Gaston Gazette.

Outstanding Achievements

  • Here is a look at some of the outstanding achievements for the Gaston County 草榴社区s Class of 2022. 

    The following students were awarded the Albert G. Myers Scholarship: Rylee-Grace Burgis (Cherryville), Logan Crisp (Stuart W. Cramer), Joshua Crouch (Stuart W. Cramer), Justin Larter (East Gaston), Daisy Lopez (Hunter Huss), Ashley Mahboub (Hunter Huss), and Emily Rollins (Gaston Early College).

    Luke Jefferies of Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区, Caroline Beaty of South Point High 草榴社区, and Juster Larter of East Gaston High 草榴社区 received the Tom Browne Scholarship.

    Kayla Becraft of Bessemer City High 草榴社区 and Logan Crisp of Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 were awarded the George and Patricia Bernard Scholarship.

    Ashbrook High 草榴社区's Elena High was awarded the Bess Chapel United Methodist Church Brad Baxter Scholarship.

    Ashbrook High 草榴社区's Ya’Zarhi Mason was awarded the Larry Rhodes Scholarship, and Madison McCathern received the Dr. William and Karen Hunter Science Scholarship.

    For his Eagle Scout project, Eli Poulsen of Ashbrook High 草榴社区 organized the "One Can Make A Difference" food pantry at Webb Street 草榴社区.

    Cherryville High 草榴社区's Jackson Owens was awarded the Alaina Abernathy Scholarship.  Katie Ramsey received the Mary Armstrong Coffey Scholarship, and Katie Ramsey received the Van and Virgie Costner Memorial Scholarship.

    D’Myah Matthews of Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 received the Paul Fuller Mentoring Scholarship, and Patrick Lamp was awarded the Maxine Porch Scholarship.

    Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 senior Zachary Willer won the 3A individual state championship in cross country and the 1600-meter run state championship in track and field.  

    Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区 senior Nathan Saysomvang received the emergency medical responder certificate through the North Carolina Office of EMS.

    Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区's Gwen Campau was among 16,000 students from across the country who were named National Merit semifinalists. 

    Stuart W. Cramer High 草榴社区's Sean Brabham and Forestview High 草榴社区's Zion Dockery were selected for an internship with GSM Services.

    Justin Larter of East Gaston High 草榴社区 was awarded the Alfred W. Bohanan Scholarship, and Rachael Medici was awarded the William G. and Hazel V. Hardin Education Scholarship.

    Hannah Mullis of East Gaston High 草榴社区 qualified for the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.

    Evan Friday of Forestview High 草榴社区 received the Wayne F. Shovelin Scholarship.  Zachary Carr was awarded the Mary Armstrong Coffey Scholarship, and Zailyn Jeter was awarded the John Hunsucker Memorial Scholarship.

    Forestview High 草榴社区's Maggie Lu was the state-level winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) good citizen essay contest.

    Ria Patel of Forestview High 草榴社区 was selected for the Presidential Scholar in Career and Technical Education recognition.  

    Susan Christy of Forestview High 草榴社区 won the NC Farm Bureau Sportsmanship Award for women’s dual team tennis.

    Austin Brotemarkle of Forestview High 草榴社区 won a state championship in the 3200-meters run in track and field.

    Gaston Early College High 草榴社区's Allen Chen was accepted to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was awarded the MIT Scholarship valued at $75,000 per year.

    Ella Harmon and Tristin Winkler of Gaston Early College High 草榴社区 received the Appalachian State University Excellence Scholarship.

    Gaston Early College High 草榴社区's Nathan Vasquez served as president of the N.C. Comprehensive Community College Student Government Association, and Joseph Wittmer was appointed vice president.

    Wehazit Mussie of Highland 草榴社区 of Technology received the UNC Morehead-Cain Scholarship, and Ajhinae Brooks received a full-tuition QuestBridge Scholarship to attend Rice University. 

    Highland 草榴社区 of Technology's Asher Neumann won the 1A/2A 200-meter freestyle state championship.

    uren Tolbert of Highland 草榴社区 of Technology won nine state championships in track and field and cross country during her high school career.

    Travis Rainwater of Highland 草榴社区 of Technology received a National Merit Scholarship valued at $2,500, and Natalie Maier was awarded the Clyde and Dezaree Brackett Family Scholarship and the Honorable Ralph C. Gingles, Jr., Scholarship.

    Rhiannon Wollmuth of Hunter Huss High 草榴社区 earned the Best in Show recognition in the “Through An Artist’s Eyes” exhibit.

    Hunter Huss High 草榴社区's Gio Bernal was named a finalist for the Bronko Nagurski High 草榴社区 Student Athlete of the Year Award.

    North Gaston High 草榴社区 senior Olivia Conley was selected as a nominee for a Blumey Award in the best actress category.

    South Point High 草榴社区's Emily Revels received the State Employees Credit Union People Helping People Scholarship and the Pat Haney Scholarship.  Trey Baker received the Theodore Drury Science and Technology Scholarship, and Garrett Ziemer received the Perry Fewell Scholarship and Lester Carpenter Scholarship.  Caroline Beaty, Hayden Currier, and Delilah Pearson also received the Lester Carpenter Scholarship.

    South Point High 草榴社区 senior Ryan Harris was named the 2021 Luke Kuechly Defensive Player of the Year, which is an award presented by the Charlotte Touchdown Club.