Gaston County 草榴社区s 草榴社区 Resource Officers

Department of Safety and Security

  • "We are proud of our partnership with law enforcement here in Gaston County to ensure the safety of our students and employees.  Our schools have a comprehensive safety plan, which is reviewed on a regular basis.  All of our schools are served by a police resource officer; we have buzz-in entry and visitor check-in systems at all schools; and our campuses are equipped with surveillance cameras.  All of these measures are in place to ensure safety.  Following the tragedy in Florida, we were in contact with local law enforcement, and they worked with us to increase police presence on and around our school campuses as a precaution.  Again, we appreciate the partnership we have with law enforcement and the vigilance of our students, employees, and others to ensure that our schools are as safe and secure as possible."  

Student Code of Conduct

  • All students must follow the rules and regulations listed in the Gaston County Student Code of Conduct. The basic purpose of the Student Code of Conduct is to help establish and maintain a safe and orderly environment, which must prevail if learning is to take place.

    Student Code of Conduct rules are in effect at any school function or school sponsored activity and while students are riding the bus. They apply to any student whose conduct at any time or place has a direct and immediate effect on maintaining order and discipline in school.

    Students receive a copy of the Student Code of Conduct at the beginning of the school year. All new students registering in the Gaston County 草榴社区s for the first time also receive a copy. Parents and students should read the Code of Conduct and make sure they understand the rules and regulations listed.

    If you have a question about any rule or disciplinary consequence, contact your child’s teacher or the school principal. The Code of Conduct is the short form of the Board of Education’s Code of Student Conduct in the policy manual. The policy manual may be reviewed via the Gaston County 草榴社区s' website or on the link to the right of this article.