Vision, Mission and Goals

  • Gaston County 草榴社区s Strategic Plan 2019-2024

    The vision of Gaston County 草榴社区s is to inspire success and a lifetime of learning. 

    Mission Statement
    Through outstanding employees and community partners, Gaston County 草榴社区s provides innovative educational opportunities for all students in a safe and nurturing learning environment. 

    Priorities and Goals 

         1. College and Career Ready 
             Every student will graduate prepared for college, the workforce, and other life-enhancing opportunities.

         2. Healthy, Safe and Responsible 草榴社区s
             Every student has the opportunity to learn in a safe school environment.

         3. Innovation
             Every employee uses innovative practices to serve all students, parents, and other stakeholders.

         4. Qualified Workforce
             Every employee is qualified and committed to the education of all children.

    Strategic Plan

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